Application Requirements

To qualify, applicants must:

Background & Drug Screen

You must complete a student background check and drug screening.

To begin:

  • Create an account at and select to “Share” your results with Grady Student Education
  • Request “Student Package” (background check & drug screen)
  • Schedule and complete a drug screening according to the Advantage Students website

We do not accept background checks or drug screens from other agencies.


The ATI TEAS for Allied Health exam measures basic essential skills in the academic areas of Reading (48 questions), Mathematics (34 questions), Science (54 questions), and English and language usage (34 questions). The ATI TEAS for Allied Health exam is required for:

  • EMT Program
  • AEMT Program
  • Paramedic Program

About the ATI TEAS

Candidates must have first applied online at here. Candidates will select a testing date and time as part of the application.

Candidates must create an online account at prior to their exam date. You can find more information and practice exams online at the ATI website – the fee is $65 and must be paid on the day of the exam with a credit or debit card – cash and checks are NOT accepted.

Candidates who choose to test at Grady’s EMS academy must arrive at testing location (2284 Marietta Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318) at least 15 minutes ahead of their testing time. The exam lasts approximately 4 hours. Latecomers may be allowed to retest on another day depending on availability. Applicants must receive a cumulative score of 60% or higher to be eligible for enrollment in our program. Prior college experience, completed degrees, or prior certification does not allow you to exempt the entrance exam, all new students must take it.

ATI TEAS scores are good for 2 years.

About Testing

  • The exam fee is $65 payable at time of exam
  • Textbooks, notebooks, paper, calculators, and children are not allowed in the testing lab
  • Scratch paper and pencil is provided and will be collected
  • Students may retest after 24 hours
  • The exam is given at 2284 Marietta Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30318
  • Students can locate study materials through


  • Photo ID
  • Credit card, credit card or pre-paid card for $65 fee

Obtaining ATI TEAS for Allied Health Scores

Results are available and provided immediately after the exam by the proctor. To purchase additional score results please visit