Programs Offered


Honor, commitment, desire to serve. You answered our nation’s call. Now train to serve your community as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Train with Atlanta based Grady EMS – one of the country’s most advanced and longest standing hospital-based 911 EMS services.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is the entry level into prehospital emergency medical provider in the United States. The EMT is educated on rapid field stabilization, treatment, and transport to the Emergency Department. The EMT works in conjunction with Advanced EMTs and paramedics in the prehospital environment. EMTs are able to perform lifesaving techniques such as CPR, the use of an AED, airway management, the application of a tourniquet, splinting, emergency childbirth, and a number of other skills.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) Program

The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) is a new level that recently replaced the EMT–Intermediate (EMT-I). In addition to those skills performed by the EMT, the AEMT in Georgia can administer medications (Aspirin, nitroglycerine, bronchial dilators, epinephrine, Glucagon, D50, and Narcan), and the AEMT can also performed advanced skills such as placing blind insertion airway devices, administer intravenous fluids, administer medications, and perform other critical skills required in the stabilization of critical patients.

Paramedic Program

The Paramedic program curriculum combines a superior level of academic and clinical content, by exposing our students to superb academics and clinical experts who enjoy teaching. Our clinical experiences are completed at Grady, Georgia’s busiest Level 1 Trauma Center and Grady EMS, Georgia’s busiest 911 ambulance provider. Our combination of classroom, lab, and clinical experiences prepares graduates for advancement in the field, prehospital, emergency medicine and creates professional development and self-fulfillment.

The Paramedic certificate prepares students to provide excellent prehospital emergency medical care and transport for critical and emergent patients. Paramedics function through physician medical oversight as crucial members of a comprehensive EMS response system. The program is approved by the Georgia Department of Public Health, Office of EMS and Trauma.

Paramedic clinicals are used to develop skills, experiences and knowledge to successfully perform the duties of a Paramedic. The clinicals follow a natural progression from assessing simple vital signs to providing more complex assessments and treatments in a stepwise fashion through a competency-based evaluation process.